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“Why Does Mommy Hurt?” has been getting a lot of press, and considering the fact that I’ve never used the word “interview” outside of the job-seeking context before, so this is a fabulously exciting time in mine and my families life! Especially for my father, James G. Miller, who illustrated the book, and also does all graphic design for parentswithpain and the book! He is amazingly talented, and we are all so proud of him!

Last week, my local paper ran a front-page article on WDMH, and did an amazing job capturing the spirit of the book.  The journalist who did the story, Crystal Owens, is a “spoonie” mom herself, suffering from severe chronic migraines, and has 2 young children.  Additionally, the editor-in-chief of the Loudoun Times Mirror, Dale wrote a surprise Op-Ed that brought me to tears.  In his words “This is what makes a book Front Page news.”

The Global Genes Project (@globalgenes) posted a story today, and the Rheumatoid Arthritis corespondent (@theseatedview) published a wonderful, extensive article on the book, and really my entire life history!  Also, the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association is running a Front Page piece about the book in their quarterly magazine, which will be out in June!

I’m a bit overwhelmed.. but the last few weeks have been some of the most amazing, exciting, and humbling of my life.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my book!  If you’re interested in an interview, guest blog post, contact me at parentswithpain (@)  If you’d like to use the press release, it’s available to the public on!


Elizabeth Christy

Elizabeth Christy is an author, writer, and IT professional living in Sterling VA. She lives with her husband James and 4 year old son, Jimmy. In addition to basic survival, Elizabeth enjoys reading, sewing, and nature. She also runs the nonprofit organization "Books and Bottles", which promotes reading to young children. (

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